Smart Wall Paint ‘Wipe Out’ The Competition At Docklands Innovation Awards

The Docklands Innovation Award, now in its eleventh year, was held last night and Ronan Clarke of Smart Wall Paint took home the prize. The Award, sponsored by PwC is the initiative of the Bolton Trust and DIT Hothouse and is aimed at showcasing the innovative companies emerging from Docklands Innovation Park.

smart wall paint

Ronan Clarke of Smart Wall Paint collecting his award

Ronan Clarke is the creator of a clever paint that turns any wall into a wipe-clean whiteboard. It provides a useful, space saving product for schools, offices and even homes. Having this level of freedom in meetings and brainstorms could vitalise businesses and boost ideas. Writers, designers and artists will likely relish the opportunity to turn studios into an even more creative space. It requires only one coat and is guaranteed by the company for ten years.

A new product coming soon from Smart Wall Paint is a transparent version that will work in the same way but allows you to keep walls the colour they currently are.

enterprise innovation dublin

Paul O’Dwyer tests out the product

Former graduate of the Hothouse Programme and Central Hub Dublin CEO, Paul O’Dwyer, attended the event and said he was delighted to see Smart Wall Paint take home the prize.

“After winning this I’m sure he’ll be painting the town white!” he commented, “But in all seriousness it’s great to see such innovation from an Irish company that also has a well executed online presence and ecommerce setup.”

Other shortlisted finalists included Mark Burke of OptiWi-fi and Andrew Considine of Willstream.

“It’s a testament to Ireland’s entrepreneurial spirit that all three of the nominees were well placed to win and kept the standard high.”

innovative irish companies

Junior Minister Lucinda Creighton in attendance at the awards

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